“In SOC patients, medical and aesthetic skin conditions have been treated with limited success. With light-based therapy there are significant risks. Physicians have searched for a go-to device to safely and effectively treat skin conditions in SOC patients with repeatable results. The Aerolase Neo Elite is that device.”

Wendy Roberts, MD

“I exclusively treat skin of color in my practice. I spent several years researching the aesthetic laser market before making a purchase. I am very pleased to say that the Neo has exceeded my expectations in terms of both efficacy and safety for my patients while being much more affordable than other aesthetic laser systems on the market.”

Dr. Neil Persadsingh Kingston
Dermatology, Kingston, Jamaica

“I had a darker skinned patient that I was treating at a low level for hair removal and PFB just to be safe, and then I transitioned to using the Neo once we got it. The patient said one treatment with the Neo was equivalent to five treatments with the IPL that we had been using.”

Dr. Juliette Hepburn
The Skin Centre, Nassau, Bahamas

“The Neo utilizes a unique pulse duration, which is shorter than the relaxation time of the skin tissue, so the treatment is safer and gentler on skin of color – even without the use of skin cooling or anesthetics. I also use the Neo with great success on skin types I-III for vascular lesions, hair removal and other conditions.”

Fran Cook-Bolden, MD
Skin Specialty Dermatology, New York, NY

“Our Aerolase Neo has been our primary laser device since opening a second dermatology practice in a neighboring city of our primary office. It is our ‘go-to’ device when addressing and treating all skin types in a safe and efficacious manner. The ability of the Aerolase Neo to address numerous dermatologic conditions is especially beneficial to our practice by reducing the cost of purchasing many laser and light devices.”

Cheryl Burgess, MD
Center for Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery, Washington DC

“In our experience, the Neo benefits patients by providing a wavelength that is safe for darker skin types. The use of a pulse duration shorter than the relaxation time of dermal cells allows efficient, long-lasting, and virtually pain-free hair removal, which can be critical to patient acceptance of the procedure.”

Michael Gold, MD
Gold Skin Care Center, Nashville, TN