Laser Skin Health for Skin of Color. Powered by Aerolase.

Laser Skin Health for Skin of Color

People say darker skin types can't be treated by laser or are limited in their addressable concerns. They're wrong. Advances by Aerolase®.

Skin Health for Skin of Color

Let’s better address skin health for patients with skin of color. With the proper tools, and protocols, and education, both skin health specialists and their patients can achieve exceptional outcomes. Device-based therapy including laser is becoming the standard of care for addressing aesthetic and medical skin concerns. Advances by Aerolase allow skin health specialists to address their skin of color patients’ skin concerns with confidence. It’s time to inform and educate the skin health community and their patients.

Top Skin Concerns Now Addressed by Aerolase Lasers

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    Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)
  • #5
    Hair removal
  • #6
    Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB)
Providing New Levels of Care

The Opportunity

There is a growing demand in the US for aesthetic treatments and laser skin health from patients with skin of color. The US population is becoming increasingly multicultural but standards of skincare have not kept up. Patients have frustrations with their dermatologist or skincare provider for lacking knowledge or not having the correct tools to address their skin and hair concerns.

Patients have indicated their level of satisfaction would increase dramatically if these issues were addressed. Dermatologists and skincare providers already offering an improved standard of care with Aerolase agree. They already understand what Aerolase technology can accomplish for their skin of color patients.

Skin of Color

Population and Demand




Want Laser


Dissatisfied with
Current Care

The New Device for
Laser Skin Health

Patient and physician demands have been answered by the Aerolase Neo® Elite and it’s 650 Microsecond Technology®. The technology has been designed to address the historic challenges associated with laser treatment for skin of color. It improves upon a well-researched wavelength to introduce new levels of efficacy without sacrificing safety or comfort.

The only question is; how far can we take skin health for patients with skin of color using this new technology?

  • Safety
    Unique device parameters and settings diminish the possibility of adverse effects commonly associated with laser treatment.
  • Results
    The laser transforms good results into great results. Clinical endpoints and expectations can now be exceeded.
  • Versatility
    36 FDA cleared medical and aesthetic indications for patients of any skin type can be addressed.
  • Experience
    Patient and physician experience is increasingly important for skin health. The Neo defines what an experience should be like.

The New Gold Standard

The Aerolase Neo Elite has been developed to improve everything. It improves the way physicians and skin health professionals are able to address medical and aesthetic skin concerns. It improves upon existing therapies to create new treatment possibilities, new results, and better patient experiences. 

Clearing core aesthetic and medical skin concerns for patients with skin of color is now possible. A leading group of experts are advocating this new focus and treatment advancement. Now, we are educating the wider community of skin health professionals and the public. Join the cause and get in touch with one of our experts to learn more.

Who's Involved and What Do They Say?

Alia Brown, MD

Georgia Dermatology Partners
Greater Atlanta, GA

Louis A. Brown Jr., MD

Dr. Louis Brown
Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Arusha Campbell-Chambers

My Dermatology Solutions
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Fran Cook-Bolden, MD

Park South Medical
Bronx, NY

Roberta Del Campo, MD

Del Campo Dermatology & Laser Institute
Miami, FL

Michael H. Gold, MD

Gold Skincare
Nashville, TN

David J. Goldberg, MD

My Skin & Laser Surgery Specialists
New York, NY

Beverly Johnson, MD

Dermatology Associates of Tallahassee
Tallahassee, FL

Chesahna Kindred, MD

Kindred Skin & Hair
Greater Baltimore, MD

Wendy E. Roberts, MD

Generational & Cosmetic Dermatology
Rancho Mirage, CA

Dr. Balwant Singh

Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital
Georgetown, Guyana