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Have you been searching for a safe laser option for treating skin of color patients?

While most light-skinned patients have enjoyed the benefits of medical and aesthetic laser treatments for years, skin of color patients have commonly been told to avoid them. This is because the original aesthetic lasers had no way to safely and effectively bypass the melanin at the bottom of the epidermis, thus damaging melanocytes.

For patients with skin of color, this often meant disfiguring side-effects such as pain, burning, scarring, hypo-, or hyperpigmentation.

Because of this, most physicians haven’t considered lasers to be a safe treatment option for common skin concerns. Patients with skin of color have felt the same way.

Your search is over. The Aerolase Neo Elite laser is safe and effective for skin of color patients.

The Aerolase Neo Elite is uniquely engineered to safely and effectively address medical and aesthetic skin concerns without the risk of pain, burning, or pigmentary changes.

What set’s the Neo Elite apart is its 650 Microsecond Technology®. Essentially, the laser’s energy is powerful enough to clear your skin concern and the laser’s pulse duration is short enough to prevent risks associated with other laser systems. The unique combination of the power and short pulse is what makes this laser able to treat skin of color patients.

“The 650-microsecond pulse is so rapid and precise it gets to it’s intended target, hits it, and moves out quickly without bulk heating or burning. The Aerolase Neo Elite is my go-to for treating skin of color. It has an unmatched safety profile for darker skin.”

Michelle Henry, MD, Dermatologist, New York, NY

650 Microsecond Technology® Overview

What’s different about Aerolase’s 650-microsecond laser? The optimal amount of energy is delivered to the skin in an optimal amount of time to create the perfect balance of safety, results, and comfort.

650-microseconds is below the Thermal Relaxation Time of the skin tissue, so the skin has time to cool itself between pulses. The laser energy is confined to the target for higher efficacy.

The targeted structure has less time to lose heat, through conduction, to the surrounding skin, so there is no excess thermal damage to the tissue.

650 Microsecond Technology® – exclusive to Aerolase – is a new laser technology able to produce high-power in a short pulse to allow new medical aesthetic possibilities for patients of all skin types without safety risks.

Other laser technologies claim to treat skin of color. They can’t. Not with the safety margin, proven results, or levels of comfort 650-microsecond laser technology is able to deliver.

Other technologies sacrifice safety and comfort for results or results for safety and comfort. With 650-microsecond laser technology from Aerolase, you receive safety, results, and comfort to define laser skin health for skin of color.

Why is it safer yet more effective?

    1. The burn risk and pain in lasers treatments come from overheating water, melanin, and blood in the skin’s epidermis when it is exposed to the laser energy passing through the epidermis into the target.
    2. With 650 Microsecond Technology®, epidermal exposure to laser energy is 5-50 times shorter than with the prior generation of long-pulsed lasers.
    3. Thermal over-stressing of the epidermis is avoided, which reduces the risk of burns or pigmentary changes.
    4. Thermal over-stressing of the nerve endings in the dermis is also avoided, which makes treatment uniquely comfortable.
    5. External skin cooling or gels are not needed so the mess, cost, and need of any consumable is eliminated.
New Possibilities for Skin Health

What Conditions Can We Address for You?




Acne Scars

Hair Removal

Skin Rejuvenation

Traumatic Scar Revision




Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

Hidradenitis Supparativa


Acne Keloidalis



Keratosis Pilaris

Solar Lentigines

Nevus of Ito, Ota, and Hori

Vascular Lesions

*Among its 36 FDA cleared indications, the Neo Elite 650-microsecond laser is cleared for benign pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, and the coagulation of soft tissue.