It started with Aerolase research

A community of skin health professionals using Aerolase technology to better address patient needs

A group that shares the passion for advancing treatment knowledge and capabilities for skin of color patients.

The passion we share has grown our community. It has evolved into a profound purpose.

Together, we are modernizing aesthetic medicine and therapies to better address the skin concerns of all cultures. We have all introduced Aerolase laser technology to our practice. It is the first laser to truly address the common skin concerns for skin of color in an effective, safe, and gentle manner.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor by taking a glimpse at the powerful work we are doing.

We have the common goal of providing the best therapies to our skin of color patients in our own practices. With the confidence we’ve gained by providing these new therapies, we aim to educate our peers and the greater public about exciting possibilities this technology can bring to them.

Fast-Growing Participation

Being a part of this community is more than just being a provider offering Aerolase laser treatments, or even being a patient receiving one. It is about being a part of a solution that diversifies traditional therapies and no longer allows for limits to be set for skin of color patients.

Aerolase provided this community with a new opportunity to advance treatment therapy and enable healthcare professionals to expand their treatment knowledge. We are a part of the shift towards diversifying modern medicine. We are the hope for skin of color patients that their skin type will not limit their opportunities to new treatment technology. We are a community that welcomes every patient with open doors ensuring we have a solution for a skin concern of any skin type.

We encourage you to join us in this endeavor to create a new culturally accepted world of skin health.

It started with Aerolase research and it developed into what is now called 650-microsecond laser technology.  The concept? Design and create a laser technology to address the needs of every skin health professional to be able to address the skin health needs of all patients. In 2005, the 650-microsecond laser was first introduced at the American Academy of Dermatology’s annual meeting by Michael H. Gold, MD for use on pseudofolliculitis barbae and acne keloidalis in patients with Fitzpatrick Skin Type V-VI. This research was then furthered and presented at the 2006 meeting by Arthur Sumrall, MD.

Since then, 15 years of research, clinical studies, and wide-spread adoption culminated into publishing a pivotal report in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, titled “Laser Treatment of Skin of Color for Medical and Aesthetic Uses With a New 650-Microsecond Nd:YAG 1064nm Laser,” led by Wendy Roberts, MD. Since its publication, numerous new applications and protocols for medical and aesthetic conditions have been developed with 650-microsecond laser technology.

Now, education for the wider medical community and their patients is underway to address the increasing need of skin health for skin of color.